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Duration: 3 months Duration 3 months
Season: All year round Season All year round
Price: Upon request Price Upon request
Red Stretch Marks
A stretch mark essentially is the scarring of the skin tissue that results from an area of factors ranging from growth spurts to pregnancy and rapid weight gain/loss. Red stretch marks are treated more easily than white stretch marks, and the non-invasive solutions available at Clinique Del Mar will help you achieve that sleek and even skin quality that you are after.

This Protocol Includes:


CO2 Fractional Laser (Sub-ablative)

A state-of-the-art skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatment in the sub-ablative version.

Sessions: 2

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CO2 Fractional Laser (Scarring Treatment)

A state-of-the-art skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatment.

Sessions: 3

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LED (Light Therapy)

This treatment tackles skin conditions and inflammation with the use of light therapy that also accelerates skin rejuvenation.

Sessions: 8

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