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Articles 16 JUL 2020
Clinique Del Mar as a Core Member of the SANITIZED PROTOCOLS Initiative

The intent of this initiative is to stress the importance of the health and safety measures and regulations that should be followed by staff and customers, as a means of adapting to the new normal of the post COVID era. 

The SANITIZED PROTOCOLS initiative operates under agreed guidelines across an array of high-profile plastic surgeons in Europe as a form of management of the coming days, weeks and months following COVID-19.

The core members of this initiative are: Dr. Delmar and Clinique Del Mar, Dr. Metaxotos and SYMMETRIA health and beauty clinic, Dr. Kavouni with ION KAVOUNI LONDON clinic and Dr.Stergiou with PRAKSISKLINIK URANIA.

The spotlight is on the precautions that are taken in aesthetic clinics and the protocols followed that are adapted to secure a safe return of the staff and customers to their habits, by reassuring them that visiting the clinic is risk-free. 

The four core pillars of this initiative are:

  • PROTECT: Assessment of risks, identification and evaluation, implementation of procedures, work instructions, and forms to ensure full protection.
  • TEST: Daily testing and monitoring of staff, customers & visitors so that immediate action can be taken should any symptoms arise. 
  • INSTRUCT: In order to ensure standardization across the board, it is critical to provide clear health and safety instructions to customers, visitors and staff.  
  • REASSURE: Building trust by sharing processes and test results, as well as identifying and proving the efficacy and importance of your actions to ensure all safety measures are met and overall health is restored.

For more information please visit: www.sanitizedprotocols.com


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