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Articles 04 MAY 2020
How to properly protect your skin from UV rays

The sun may be our knight in shinning armor when it comes to vitamin D, however it can also pose several harmful threats to the health of our skin whilst also accelerating the ageing process.


Tips to protect the skin from the sun:


  1. Prepare and care for your skin

 Well-hydrated skin is skin that is ready for exposure to the sun. By properly hydrating your skin, you maintain its hydro-lipid film. The hydro-lipid film is a natural barrier for protecting the skin. It thus allows the skin to defend itself against aggressions, like those of the sun.

 The tip lies in the importance of hydrating the skin well throughout the year, but even more so in the summer. With heat, the skin perspires and therefore loses hydrated. It is preferable to use moisturizing creams or milk and not oils in summer because when oils come in contact with the sun they burn the skin.

 Go out at the right time

 Avoid going out during the hottest sun hours (from 12p.m. to 4p.m.).  A good tip is to check whether your shadow is smaller than you. If it is, then you should avoid exposure because the sun is high in the sky, which means that there are a lot of UV rays. 


Choose a suitable sun protection

The most important thing to protect yourself from the sun is obviously to have adequate sun protection. To do this, you must know your skin type and always prefer a sunscreen with the highest SPF index (ideally 50+). You should also remember to opt for a cream that is sand and water resistant.

When exposing yourself to the sun, you must apply sunscreen beforehand and then reapply every 2 hours to make sure you are constantly protected – especially after swimming.

Take note that you must also think about the immense protective measures that should be taken for babies and children, who have more sensitive skin than adults.

Also, remember to check that your sunscreen is environmentally friendly - even though nowadays, new generations of sunscreen pledge not to pollute our oceans.

In addition, today there are a plethora of transparent, UV protection SPF 50 mineral powder brushes that can also be applied throughout the day on makeup like the Universkin cosmetic range.

Keep in mind that you should also protect your eyes. We tend to forget that the harmful rays of the sun can also affect our eye tissue. Our cornea and retina are also subject to the dangers of the sun. There is only one solution to actually protect them and that involves the usage of a good pair of glasses. You can also wear a hat, in addition to your sunscreen, to maximize protection. 

Favor natural products

It is important to choose products that do not contain chemicals or alcohol, as these can cause allergic reactions or burns from exposure to the sun. Favor mineral sunscreens, and new generations of protection are also non-comedogenic and non-greasy.

Eat a balanced diet

A well-balanced diet with the intake of vitamin supplements and trace elements can help the skin to defend itself and to prevent certain allergies,  however this does not exempt the need for sunscreen protection and the other tips mentioned above.




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