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Articles 07 AUG 2020
Summertime And The Living is Easy – If You Follow A Healthy Face Routine.

Summer may be known as the season where we tan, go on holidays, feel free and look slimmed, trimmed and fabulous, however its also a time that requires special attention and protection so as to ensure an all year round healthy external appearance.

 Let’s take a closer look at our list of summer’s do’s and don’ts:



  • It is a given and a must that you apply a sunscreen every morning – even in the winter season. Start your routine off by thoroughly cleaning then skin and then make sure you use an SPF 50 on the entire face. As an extra bonus, use rose water to clean the skin prior to the application of any other product.
  • Now’s the time to take advantage of that hat you bought during your Marbella holiday. A hat provides added protection to sun exposure and in turn, premature aging.
  • You should top up your sunscreen throughout the day. If however you feel like you don’t want to layer on cream to your face then Universkin provides an exceptional alternative of SPF 50 powders that also get the job done and feel more lightweight on the skin.
  • When it comes to the evening, start your beauty routine once again by cleansing the skin, but this time use a cleansing oil which is less aggressive for the sensitive skin of the face and will also provide nourishing benefits to dehydrated skin.
  • Round up your beauty routine via the application of a nourishing face cream. As an extra tip, don’t forget to apply the same product to the neck as well.


  • As a rule of thumb, avoid exposure to the sun between 12pm-4pm. These are known as the hottest hours of the day that can increase your chances of premature aging.
  • Most people don’t know that the application of creams containing vitamin A retinol is particularly dangerous during exposure to the sun as it may stain the skin. Avoiding such creams is a must!
  • Another not so common tip is the need to avoid perfume-based products as they too can stain and even de-pigment the skin when exposed to the sun.
  • Aggressive peels on the other hand are a given and probably number one on the list of things to avoid during the summer. The reason behind this is that they increase skin sensitivity and the risk of burning and scarring the skin when exposed to the sun.






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