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Invasive: Yes Invasive Yes
Pain: Mild pain Pain Mild pain
Duration: 4-10 hours Duration 4-10 hours
Downtime: 4 days Downtime 4 days
Final results: after 6 months Final results after 6 months
Price: upon request Price upon request
Hair Stem Cell Transplantation
An innovative and conservative hair transplant procedure to combat hair loss.

Treatment Analysis

The natural vitality of the hair stem cells lies at the foundation of the patented HST technique. What makes this innovative technique so unique
is that only a small part of the hair follicle, instead of the entire follicle, is harvested from the donor area. This minuscule piece of tissue contains enough stem cells to promote new hair growth but leaves enough stem cells behind for hair to regrow in the donor area.

By splitting and extracting the hair follicle with an very small needle, the grafts
are much smaller than those used in conventional hair transplantation techniques and can be placed much closer together.

A special, patented preservative solution stimulates growth and viability by giving the new grafts an enormous boost.

The donor and recipient hair stem cells start to grow hair within a few weeks or months. The final result is visible after a full hair growth cycle of nine months.


Ideal Candidate

With a growing need to find the most effective solution to combat a very popular concern for both men and women, we see patients turning towards more invasive methods such as the hair stem cell transplantation technique. With promising results, this treatment vows to help you regain your self esteem and your hair!

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