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Invasive: Yes Invasive Yes
Pain: Mild pain after treatment Pain Mild pain after treatment
Duration: 1-day surgery Duration 1-day surgery
Downtime: 1 week Downtime 1 week
Sedation: Local sedation Sedation Local sedation
Final results: after 1 week Final results after 1 week
Price: upon request Price upon request
Endoscopic Forehead Lift
Correct droopy brows, eyelids and forehead wrinkles with this simple procedure.

Treatment analysis:

Few know that droopy lids may in fact come from sunken brows – which calls for an Endoscopic Forehead Lift. This procedure can elevate the brows and reduce the appearance of droopy lids and forehead wrinkles, resulting in a more youthful and rested face.


Ideal Candidate:

Ptosis of the eyebrows affects the freshness of the eyes. Light is not captured in the same way, and the application of make-up becomes difficult. Sadness and fatigue in the eyes are visible signs of aging.

With a Forehead lift, the eyes open up and appear brighter and more youthful.

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