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Invasive: Yes Invasive Yes
Pain: Mild pain after treatment Pain Mild pain after treatment
Duration: 30mins Duration 30mins
Downtime: 1 day Downtime 1 day
Final results: after 2-3 days Final results after 2-3 days
Price: upon request Price upon request
Upper Lip Lift
A subtle upper lip rejuvenation procedure that restores and balances the profile.

Treatment analysis:

A lesser-known but effective solution to restore the loss of volume and the length of the lips is the Upper Lip Lift. The lifting of the lip flap benefits one’s appearance by shortening the lip length between the nose and mouth, restoring facial harmony and the sensuality of fuller lips, with more visible teeth when smiling.


Ideal Candidate:

Patients need to understand that lip fillers may not be the ideal solution for every face. Younger patients may prefer injections that will naturally shape the lips, while older patients may undergo the treatment so as to restore a loss of volume, or a shortening of the upper lip – which is typically affected by age.

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